Tribal dance

movement and spontaneous singing

Since the beginning of time men and women have come together; they dance and sing to celebrate the Earth and the Sky and to honour the simple fact of being alive…

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Fabrice George

what really matters to me…

To live fully this human experience, with authentic connections with each other. To say yes to what arises and to share with you this movement of life which animates me.

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Body awareness

and personal development

Within a group, or individually, I accompany you on a path of awareness and exploration of your potential, from just where you are

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“Espace Tribal / Yes to life!”, it is…

“A tribe of humans who share the wish to be fully themselves”
“To reconnect with one’s deep nature, instinctive and human”
“To rediscover a taste for play by meeting ourselves, others
and the world”
“To allow and to dare to be fully oneself”
“A practice, an attitude, a meditation, a way to look at life”
“To develop tools to daily enliven one’s creativity and vitality”
“To discover what we do not yet know about ourselves”
“To be the actor and the creator of one’s life”

Walking in marocan desert

Journey between earth and sky…

Whether you feel called to the tribal dance, to the spontaneous singing, to the path of body awareness or to personal development, whether you want bespoke personal accompaniment or a group dynamic, you are invited here to start your journey from where you are and according to your needs of the moment.
You can choose the workshops that suit you according to your own rhythm and the level of commitment you want to engage in.
I will accompany you with gentleness and simplicity on a path towards full awareness, offering a pallet of tools to help you to be present to yourself, to others and to the world so that you can develop your potential for trust, for vitality, for creativity, for wholeness and for autonomy.
With all my heart,