Tribal dance: spontaneous dancing and singing

slide5 + Katja Maj

“Dance”: like the spontaneous and vital movement which animates me when I dance freely

“Tribal” : like the ancestral practice of gathering as a group to celebrate the simple fact of being alive, in relationship to nature and to our own unique nature as human being.

Tribal dance is a practice accessible to all. It is an opportunity to enliven and to celebrate the link to all dimensions of our being, to other, to nature, to the world and to the Universe. Tribal dance is an invitation to travel, an opportunity to discover oneself, a chance to meet oneself just as we are in a context of benevolence.

The workshops and seminars are nuanced by different suggested themes. They happen in a hall or in nature, depending on the season. Some workshops offer, in addition to movement, the opportunity to explore voice through spontaneous singing.

According to the inspiration of the moment and the energy of the group I accompany you with verbal suggestions, live music and recorded music.

The melodies, songs and rhythms give a reassuring framework within which you can freely explore the movement of your being.

In your own rhythm, softly and simply you will be invited to develop a palette of tools in order to stay present to yourself, to other and to the world:

– conscious breathing and revitalisation of the breath;
– observation and revitalisation of bodily feelings;
– development of spontaneous creativity in the moment;
– deploy your vitality;
– playful interaction with the group;
– opening of the voice by the practice of spontaneous singing (optional according to the suggested theme);
– workshops and seminars are open to all without prerequisite.

Tribal dance is accessible to all. It is an invitation to let go of your mind and to let yourself be led by the wisdom of your body.

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