Body awareness and personal development

Making ourselves available to what we don’t know yet about ourselves…

Starting from our own experience of the present moment, our body reveals itself to us through the observation of our inner landscapes, which are made of our limitations and our blockages as much as of our own resources which are often unsuspected. Everything is there, inside us, available here and now, needing only to be felt, seen, heard, welcomed, recognised and put into movement.

Then we can drop the masks and discover who we really are, sensitive, vulnerable, powerful and creative all at once… unique and deeply human.

We can see, welcome and go beyond the conditioning which limits us. We can open up to the possibility to live everyday life with more wholeness or realise our personal and/or professional objectives with fluidity and simplicity.

We learn to welcome ourselves just as we are, to welcome the other just as they are and to welcome any situation as it presents itself, effortlessly, with crativity and humour.

A practice that privileges sensory experience:

– through development of self-awareness (watching thoughts, sensation, emotions, feelings) for a better grounding in the body and a greater mental clarity;
– by the stimulation of breathing (to stimulate body awareness and release tensions)
– by the use of movement, sounds, words and voice.

By using simple tools, immediately accessible and usable in daily life, I accompany you in your life’s journey and support you to become a witness, an actor and a creator of your own experience of development, and/or of your relationship, at the rhythm that is just right for you.

Whether it is individual or in group, the counselling I offer provides a  framework to:

. observe what inhabits me;
. observe the mechanisms that condition me, distinguishing those that limit me from those that open me;
. explore my boundaries and what I have at stake when I am in relationship;
. discover new resources in myself, available ‘here and now’;
. get in touch with and deploy my vitality and my creativity;
. develop my trust and my grounding;
. contact and use my intuition;
. make choices for my life according to who I really am;
. bring meaning into my life..