If you wish to know more about me…

Fabrice George 2015Fabrice George:
psychophysical and transpersonal counsellor, musician and vocalist, dancer.

How to describe myself and describe how I travel with you? Of course, before all, it is in the meeting between you and me that it can happen. However I suggest here a few pathways to allow you to ‘feel’ who I am… before we actually meet and before you evolve in the space I open up for you.

Who am I, in essence?

I am Fabrice. I am like a warm wind who invites circulation. A wind that carries, animates and energises…
I am Life itself, wandering.

What is close to my heart?
To allow everyone to be fully themselves, to find themselves again and to incarnate the deep nature of their soul… so that Life could move freely in everyone of us.

What do I offer?
A gentle ear, a framework which is at the same time flexible and supportive. A practice that accompanies your own life path, in order to discover your own resources, available in yourself.

Where and when?
Here and now, with those who are present.

Who am I, in a biography?

I studied journalism and worked as creator of documentaries until I chose to focus on my career as a musician for about 15 years. In spite of the international success of the rock group Ghinzu, of which I was the drummer, I decided to leave the stage in 2006.

Searching for another quality in human relationships, it was time for me to dedicate myself fully to the chosen path of my heart: to lead workshops of spontaneous dance (then called “Tribal Sessions”) and to create seminars around movement, voice and music, with the intention to foster a greater presence to oneself and to the world.

I’ve dedicated most of my life to the exploration of psyche, emotions and conditioning, aiming for an ever greater opening of the heart and to the depth of being. The practice of movement and dance came naturally to me in 2006.

Over the years I have developed my own approach whose backbone is self awareness and presence to what is. My various skills as a musician, as a vocalist, as a movement specialist and as a psycho-corporeal counsellor, are nowadays in service for the individuals and the groups I accompany.

I’ve always liked to gather people, to invite them to the voyage, to celebrate together the Life which animates us, to play, to vibrate, to explore.

I am the fortunate father of Shaoline, born in 2008, step-father to a young adolescent, and fully engaged in the relationship with my companion Muriel Claeys, also psycho-corporeal counsellor.

Some participants have described my accompaniment in these terms:

“Supportive, framing, very human as well, with a great welcome for what is!”

“Trust; respect; listening/attention. I feel encouraged, invited to discover a new way of being, to get out of the limits I invented for myself.”

“Very intuitive, incredibly intuitive and right on!”

“Gentle accompaniment, with respect of everyone’s own rhythm. Suggestions. A sense of humour. Exploring new horizons while keeping his feet on the ground. Humility”

(My thanks to Frédéric, Emmanuelle, Carine, Raphaelle and Benedikte for their feedback)