Groups of body awareness and personal development

Starting from suggestions accessible to all, mostly about spontaneous movement and body awareness, and with the support of a group committed for a determined period, I accompany you on a path of exploration of your potential, from where you are.

The workshops last 2 and a half hours and are punctuated by moments of spontaneous movement, alone or in relationship, moments of observation of self and of our partners, and moments where we share our experience verbally.

The workshops offer a privileged framework to:
– observe what inhabits me;
– consciously let movement animate my body;
– observe the mechanisms which condition me, distinguishing those which limit me from those which open me;
– allowing myself to be in touch with myself, thus allowing me to be ok with what is;
– discover new resources in myself, available “here and now”;
– get in touch with and deploy my vitality and my creativity;
– develop my confidence and my groundedness;
– bring meaning to my life;
in brief: “making ourselves available to what we don’t know yet about ourselves”

I place at your service skills I have acquired in the course of my own journey, which I complete nowadays with a training called Integrative Body Psychotherapy (Psycho-Corporelle Intégrative, PCI). My role is to offer you a quality framework in which you are at the same time actor, observer and creator of your own evolution, at a rhythm that is appropriate for you.

This workshop asks a certain level of personal commitment and  motivation, it is a work more advanced than a simple workshop of dance.

The workshops are led within a framework of kindness and confidentiality. Groups involve 4 to 8 people who commit for a cycle.

Why a maximum of 8 people?

A more intimate group allows everyone to receive a more individual accompaniment, more in touch with the needs of the moment, with the opportunity to work in depth, while benefiting at the same time from the energy and the support of the group.

Priority is given to those who commit to be present for all the indicated dates.

Next groups/ subscriptions

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Subscription is confirmed when payment of the total sum is received in the account :

If you have any questions, I suggest you contact me by mail or by phone.