HAKA Battle Cry Workshop for men I Brussels

Dates: 22.06.2019 - 23.06.2019 | Heure: 00:00 23:59
with Toroa Aperahama (NZ) & Fabrice George & Gert Daniels

in english + traduction FR / VL vertaling

Haka: La danse traditionnelle des guerriers Maori. Ces haka ont été composés par Toroa spécialement pour nous, pour nous permettre une reconnexion avec notre puissance (Battle cry / Powerdance) en lien avec notre propre culture indigène et la terre que nous habitons.

Deze authentieke Battle Cry workshop is geïnspireerd op de Haka en wordt gedoceerd door Maori Elder Toroa Aperahama. Toroa heeft deze Haka speciaal ontwikkeld als gift voor ons Land (Tangata Whenua).

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IBAN : BE75-737030604351 with message « votre nom + 22-23/6/19 HAKA workshop »

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VL: gertdaniels@msn.com / www.gertdaniels.dance
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Chacun apporte son lunch et de l’eau

Program :

Saturday 9-18h
9h : morning warm up tibetan yoga with Gert Daniels.
10h : waking up body and voice: Tribal Dance with Fabrice George.
11h : Haka teachings with Maori Elder and sacred bone carver Toroa Aperahama. We will learn the basics and for those who already performed a Haka Toroa will teach advanced movements​.​
13h : lunch (bring your own lunch)
14h : Wisdom sharings of Toroa sacred work as bone carver.
15h : Haka teachings: Connecting the ancient haka tradition with our European heritage and old ways. Remembering our ancestors and rooting into to the land of Belgium.
17h-18h : closing circle

Sunday 9-17h : same program, with advanced movements and practice
9h : morning wake up tibetan yoga with Gert.
10h : waking up body and voice: Tribal Dance with Fabrice.
11h : Haka teachings with Toroa: advanced movements and practice
13h : lunch (bring your own lunch)
14h : Haka teachings: advanced movements and practice
16h-17h : closing circle and presentation of the Haka